Iraqi Ministry of Interior Driver’s License and Vehicle

From Months to Minutes at Iraq’s Ministry

TACME Implements “Smart” Traffic, Reduces Security Threats

“At Mawarid Technology, we capitalize on our expertise to provide innovative solutions able to meet and exceed the needs and requirements of our clients.”

Executive Summary

Lack of infrastructure, long delays, and increasing security threats lead the Iraqi Ministry of Interior to seek a solution that would streamline the process. TACME, a subsidiary of Mawarid Technology,  implemented a cutting-edge end-to-end Smart Traffic System solution that dramatically shortens the process.


Getting a driver’s license or registration for your vehicle was a completely paper-based system—and exhausting. The entire process from the moment of one’s initial request for a license to the moment one actually received a license was extremely long. The system was outdated and the ministry saw a backlog of applications numbering in the tens of thousands; archiving data was nearly impossible, and the potential for forgery made internal security challenges overwhelming.

How Products Helped

MMawarid Technology came up with a reliable solution that was both centralized and decentralized, thereby providing the ministry with an enhanced system able to extend volume capacity, work both on and offline.

In just one month, the project quickly developed from Enrollment and Issuance into a fully deployed, automated Smart Traffic System covering every aspect of the business process. In fact, Mawarid Technology equipped the ministry’s center in Baghdad with:

  • 10 Issuance Stations, 100 Enrollment PC’s, and laser engraving card printers.
  • 30 Typing Centers and Enrollment Stations, outfitted with high-end cameras and Biometric devices, were distributed throughout the country, and
  • Smart Form, a system by which personnel at authorized typing centers can print barcode embedded forms containing all application data.

Smart Form also enhanced the ministry’s system with a functionality and advanced security features from laser engraving to micro printing.


A process that took an extremely long time is now instantaneous; licenses are processed immediately and the ministry’s system works both online and offline modes. The introduction of Smart Form has significantly shortened the registration process with enhanced long-term efficiency and effectiveness.

Mawarid Technology’s solution has also digitally transformed the lifecycle of the application process, revamped overall enrollment workflow, and printed 100’s of thousands more cards monthly fully so that an end-to-end, fully automated SMART Traffic System can now process high volumes of applications immediately.

Most importantly, security threats, forgery and fraud have been eliminated; Mawarid Technology’s solution has not only streamlined an outdated process, but has helped to make Iraq a safer place while providing the ministry with reduced costs and increased revenue.