UAE Ministry of Labor Cards & Contract

Executive Summary

The UAE’s Ministry of Labor experienced huge backlogs and system challenges issuing Labor Cards &Contracts. Mawarid Technology was able to capitalize on its expertise in Identity Management by providing the ministry with an innovative solution in order to streamline its process and meet the demands of applicants.


The average wait time for processed cards and contracts at the UAE’s Ministry of Labor was long; daily volume, extremely high. Unable to handle the daily increase in volume, the old solution resulted in a backlog of thousands. Blacklogs meant delays in issuance for applicants which also meant unpleasant reviews for the ministry. The system was able to support neither tracking features, nor technical expansion.

Mawarid Technology provided systems combining centralized and decentralized modes with enhanced, expanded volume capacity. Mawarid Technology also designed the Perso Center, a centralized solution, capable of printing more than 30,000 cards daily, the daily volume at MOL reached 25,000 at peak times. As a decentralized solution, Urgent Request counters were set up at Tas’heel for instant issuance. Overall, 34 centers were implemented and distributed—each having one work station.


Project initiation and implementation, rapid; transition to the ministry’s new system, seamless. Ministry backlog and delayed requests were cleared within 2 weeks; and the printing process has become 8x faster than before. While the Perso Center allowed the ministry to print thousands of cards more on a daily basis, Tas’heel request counters were able to do the same. Thus, increasing revenue for the ministry as well as eliminating additional courier service fees. Printed cards now come with enhanced material quality.

The Ministry of Labor is now able to expedite the issuance of cards and contracts at a much greater rate, thereby giving the people of the country a pleasant introduction to life and work in the UAE.