Directorate of Military Works

Executive Summary

Mawarid Technology, through its subsidiary Falcon Eye, supplied and installed a CCTV Security System for the Directorate of Military Works (DOMW).

Scope of Work

The project called for the supply and installation of 475 IP cameras to cover internal and external areas of ADNEC. The project also included

  • The supply of IP cameras,
  • Network Video Recorders,
  • LAN Network with Ethernet switches,
  • Fiber optic cables,
  • Installation of all devices,
  • Commissioning, training and handing over to the DOMW.

A team of operators were trained for 5 days on trouble shooting. Falcon Eye, LLC deployed 3 separate teams working in parallel to comply with scheduling. The project was completed in over a 4 month period.

Mawarid Technology installed analogue cameras in ADNEC Phase 1 for IDEX 2007, replaced by an IP-based system to be installed in all areas of the IDEX 2009 Exhibition Centre. Mawarid Technology placed all orders for materials, cabled, and installed all equipment including LAN and Fibre networks simultaneously.


The project was delivered on time.