Kiosks are considered as one of the most efficient channels for different types of services and TACME specialized team is offering a comprehensive monitoring and analytics tool which is TACKiosk. The tool main objective is to assure service continuity and utilization.

  • A complete monitoring and health check for all kiosk components.
  • Live reports reflecting the consumables status (A4 sheets, bank notes, etc.).
  • Usage analytics reports to protect our customer investments through presenting the number of transactions and the total revenue in each kiosk based on its location and available services.
  • The usage analytics will help to utilize the kiosks, its locations and services exposed on each machine.
  • The tools also allows for remote software updates installation.
  • TACKiosk is Mobile enabled in order to allow for remote control and monitoring at any time.

TACKiosk is presenting a highly advanced monitoring and management tool. TACKiosk is providing the following functionalities:

Kiosk Monitoring

  • Live monitoring for the kiosks to assure the kiosk status.
  • Send automatic alerts (SMS & Email) to support team in case of any failure or a needed action.
  • Provide the ability to control the kiosk PC in order to perform administrative tasks (Shut down, Restart, etc.).

Kiosk Maintenance

  • Perform health check according to the kiosk component with the manufacturer manuals.
  • Notify support team with the preventive actions that should be done to make sure the continuous performance with efficiency required.

Kiosk Performance Reporting

  • Transaction Reports.
  • Kiosk Performance Reports.
  • Application Performance Reports.
  • Health check Reports.
  • Kiosk Maintenance Reports.

Kiosk Dashboard

  • Kiosks Performance Dashboards.
  • Usability Dashboard.

Kiosk Management

  • Manage Kiosks.
  • Manage application deployment.
  • Manage application updates.
  • Manage application version updates.

Kiosk surveillance Tracking

  • Intelligent Transaction surveillance with transaction details.
  • Embedded image surveillance for easy retrieval.

TACKiosk Mobile Enabled

  • Easy access through smart phones.
  • Mobile App is secured using mobile security platform.
  • Mobile App can be managed using mobile device management platforms