Organizations around the globe deal with a huge amount of unstructured data. In today’s world, people are looking for information on many digital channels including web site, mobile apps, social media, etc.

Mawarid Technology through its subsidiary TACME offers a comprehensive content management strategy capitalizing on its award winning ECM product “TACSOFT 5”.

TACSOFT 5 collaborative nature allows your workforce to perform the most critical activities and functions efficiently.

Our Strategy

We have answers for the most troubling and time consuming tasks especially when your business requires frequent updates, in different languages, and to be presented through different channels.

TACSOFT 5 is fully capable to receive content from every possible source then completely manage the life cycle of your content assuring your team productivity and efficiency.


One of the key aspects of TACSOFT 5 strategy is how it can reflect content usage analytics so you can fully understand your customer and decide on how to better serve them.

TACSOFT 5 Highlights

  • Whether content is originated from a content editor, physical paper, PDF, word, social media, etc. TACSOFT 5 delivers the ability to capture your content from different channels in order for you to easily manage and control.
  • Collaboration is one of the key capabilities of the TACSOFT 5 as it allows your team to work together with no limitations in terms of what can be done but in the meantime they all follow your organization standards, policies and security guidelines.
  • The ability to fully manage content life cycle extends to the way you publish your content into different channels. TACSOFT 5 allow you to simply select desired channels then redefine the content in order to be viewed perfectly one each and every channel
  • All of that is completely managed by an advanced security and permissions structure to make sure that you content is safe.

Advanced Collaborative Platforms

In the last 16 years, TACSOFT delivered a unique experience for more than 45 government entities and more than 30 private enterprises.

With every engagement we enrich our platform with essential functions including:

Meeting Management

A comprehensive meeting management assuring the effectiveness and utilization of your workforce.

Planning phase: Within this phase, the system will be handling all the preparation and planning that precedes the meeting itself.

Collaboration phase: once the meeting is approved, a meeting workspace will be created accordingly where all related content will be available in one place

Support Phase: This consists of the support team who will be in charge of making sure that all the facilities are available and working well such as the projector, laptops, Whiteboards and catering if needed.

Tendering management

Managing tenders life cycle form preparation to awarding stages through multiple channels and electronic devices. The system offers different stakeholders an easy way to manage daily activities:

  • Tender preparation
  • Tender publishing
  • Evaluation & selection
  • Tendering committee collaboration
  • Awarding

Social hub

TACSOFT 5 enables you to consolidate all feedback and updated form different social media channels into one hub.

Usage Analytics

In order to empower the business with the right insights in terms of content usage, TACSOFT 5 delivers a complete set of reports and dashboard describing the details of content consumption across all digital channels.