Automation Systems

“Everyone faces enormous complexity now. Competition is tougher. Problems are bigger. Demands are higher. Life is crazier. How to win the war? Collaboration.

-Kevin Roberts

Automation Services:

In an environment where ultra-high speed networks and expanded revenue opportunities are the norm, getting your message across to the right people at the right time is the last thing your company should have to worry about

Mawarid Technology’s Automation division has formidable domain expertise in best-of-breed audiovisual (A/V) systems, integration services and solutions as well as ongoing maintenance and on-site support.

Specializing in medium to large installations, our core design competencies lie in integrated audio and video installation and maintenance. We also specialize in control facilities for environments ranging from classrooms, command centers and conference rooms to training facilities, auditoriums and moreز

Mawarid Technology’s deep knowledge and experience makes us a preferred partner for interpreting during high-profile meetings, conferences or events with critical audiences.

Video conferencing:

Communicate with people more efficiently and effectively with our telepresence videoconferencing solutions. Whether you’re in the corporate world, government, military, we at Mawarid Technology extend the capabilities of your organization to deploy greater technical sophistication in video teleconferencing capabilities so that you can collaborate with colleagues in real time.

Display systems:

Briefing and display systems are made up of complex assemblies that facilitate video teleconferencing and the distribution of audio, video, data and more. Establish a sense of connectivity, shared presence that helps to facilitate presentations and briefings in any number or size of rooms. Have you ever attended an important meeting and wished you had smooth, organized discussion with simultaneous translation? For your next high-impact meeting, conference or event Mawarid Technology can take care of:

  • All of the necessary equipment complete with an interpreter’s booth, infra-red transmitters and headphones/receivers.
  • Conference microphones with headphone connection and language selection translation
  • Translation equipment connectivity for microphones in the interpreter’s booths.
  • Let your attendees vote with our user-friendly wireless voting-pads. Use an interactive voting system to better engage your audience during meetings, congresses, seminars and trainings. Change your standard presentation into an interactive voting session.
  • Target customers

    Division customers include government organizations, agencies and various private sector clients on project-based agreements and BOT contracts. We have completed major government projects including Judiciary departments where complex technological systems were integrated together.

    Conception to completion:

    Because each application is different, our clients depend on quality and reliability of the proposed AV equipment and presentation systems. Our proposed systems are only as good as the team that designs and build them. Our experienced, well qualified team of professionals ensure continued, optimal performance.

    Service and maintenance

    To ensure consistent quality, future-proof your system. Proactive maintenance is recommended. Preventive maintenance visits ensure that your system continues to work dependably now and in the future.