Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

We offer the widest range of innovative RFID technology solutions that enable organizations to automate the identification and tracking of critical assets, equipment, people, files, and vehicles in order to improve business efficiency. The design of complete, customized end-to-end solutions is based on the selection of right technologies, including LF, HF or UHF and Active RFID Real Time Locating systems. As a leading solutions provider and system integrator, we extend system capabilities for developing unique solutions which can serve any government, school, or university. Manufacturing, Automotive, Healthcare, Defense & Military, Oil & Gas, and Retail, are just some of the industries for which our solutions have provided growth.

Our Solutions

  • Asset Management Solutions
  • RFID & GPS Solutions for Schools and University
  • RFID Waste Management
  • File Tracking Solutions
  • RFID Solutions for Oil & Gas
  • Blood Bag Identification and Traceability Solutions
  • Healthcare (RTLS) Solutions
  • Weapons Tracking & Armory Management Solutions
  • Retail & Apparel RFID Solutions