Telecommunication Systems

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, Mawarid Technology, parent company of Falcon Eye Technology, is a leading systems integrator in the Middle East. One of our core specialties in is the domain of Data & Communication.
At Mawarid Technology we utilize cutting-edge technologies, network expertise and operational efficiency to bring high quality solutions to our clients.

We are your trusted partner through the evaluation, design and installation cycle so that you get the absolute best integrated system for your company.

Here are the solutions that can help your business:

Structured Cabling

From Structured cabling design and installation to Data Networking, Fiber Optic transmission and IP Telephony and Television, Mawarid Technology provides support for any number of voice, data and multimedia systems suitable for your needs. Our highly qualified and certified team of consultants ensure optimal performance and a well-run network with real time availability. 

Data Networking

At Mawarid Technology, we focus on our clients. Our solutions are not only top-of-the-line, but are cost-effective, reduce congestion, improve delivery speed and builds security into your network at the data level. Our data networks transmit at very high rates over different types of cables. To prevent network failures, we offer solid applications with expanded design principles. 


Our IP network storage system is designed to provide fast, easy access to your content. Manage your data and reduce risks while growing your business. Our storage solutions will help you keep track of your information without hassle. 

IP Telephony & IP

TV Want to set up a new office and have to wired?  Save money with our Telephony solutions with IP Telephones. You can use a dedicated network for services with fewer wires and less equipment while making your life, work and business simpler. IVR Features or active directory will also help you connect your employees no matter the difference in physical sites.

Target customers

Division customers include government organizations, agencies and various private sector clients on project-based agreements and BOT contracts. We have completed major government projects including Judiciary departments where complex technological systems were integrated together.

Conception to completion

Because each application is different, our clients depend on quality and reliability of the proposed AV equipment and presentation systems. Our proposed systems are only as good as the team that designs and build them. Our experienced, well qualified team of professionals ensure continued, optimal performance. 

Service and maintenance

To ensure consistent quality, future-proof your system. Proactive maintenance is recommended. Preventive maintenance visits ensure that your system continues to work dependably now and in the future.

Key Partnerships include:

Our team promises end-to-end project management cycle.
Run at full wire speed and maintains the highest possible availability.