Business Process Automation

For any organization to gain full control over its operation, business process must be well defined, engineered and improved.

At Mawarid Technology we understand that in order to leverage from business process, an automation strategy shall be implemented which require synergy between different departments, applications and entities.

Our Strategy

Our strategy focus on overcoming the gap between business and technology through offering end to end service assuring a robust understanding of the business and a complete alignment to technology.
In every organization, processes are categorized into core process and supporting processes. Our objective is to automate all the different activities which can be generated through any process then streamline those services into digital and physical service centers.

Our Services

Our business process automation capitalize on our experience, technologies, and methods in order to assure a smooth implementation. The main differentiator of our services is that it covers business requirement and it considers all technical aspects. Our services covers the following areas:

  • Business Process Consultancy
  • Customer Experience Consultancy
  • User Experience Consultancy
  • Branding
  • Technical Analysis
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Maintenance and support

Approach & Methodology

Mawarid Technology proven and result oriented approach leverage from different frameworks and methodologies.

As process automation is a continuous activity within every organization we offer our services based on an agile framework which requires engaging business users into different automation and implementation iterations assuring the quality of our final product.

Solution Characteristics

Through our engagements with different business domains and verticals, Mawarid Technology introduces a number of solution characteristics in order to increase utilization and automation


For every process and all its stakeholders, Mawarid Technology offer a central and a generic workspace which offers all process related tasks, notifications, updates and activities. Workspaces are generated dynamically based on every user roles and responsibilities. In a workspace, user will be able to delegate all tasks generated from different applications into a consolidated view

Smart Notifications

As part of the automation process, we implement smart business rules engine which have a dramatic impact on the process automation level. Through this engine, critical notifications SMS/Email will be sent to different stakeholders in order to assure business flow health

Lazy Approval

In order to assure a smooth process flow, all possible risks and delays needs to be considered and managed in a way that fits different users. Lazy approval provide certain stakeholder with ability to manage daily process related activities without accessing a specific portal or application. Instead, user will get automatic email which describes the action required and all critical details which facilitates decision making.