Business Process Consultancy

Mawarid Technology provides public and private sector client consultancy services including the study of customer journey, client customer and client technology integration analysis, and recommendations for improving client experiences at each technology touchpoint. While organisations offer an increasing number of technology touch points to their clients (Mobile application, websites, self-service kiosks, service centres, Customer feedback unites, etc.), they are often unable to improve service quality and client satisfaction. Our consultancy services provide a seamless customer journey by linking both virtual and physical worlds, and builds a detailed understanding of the client’s processes throughout the customer’s journey to provide clear and actionable recommendations that deliver enhanced client experience and increased efficiency.

Process Documentation

Describes the current flow of activities, with a division by levels, as initiated by value chain – macro-process and sub process activities, including some case tasks. This documentation is crucial for standardization and to verify how things are done and who is responsible for activities. In addition, it is important, preliminary to disseminating information and training employees.

Process Improvement Analysis

Verifies the current model of process (As-Is) and makes it possible to propose designs for the future model (To-Be). It provides diagnostic information on issues to be improved and opportunities for beneficial change.

Organizational Structure Change

The best way to align or realign an organizational structure is to understand its process very well, in order to see and suggest the best realignment of structure and the functions need to support the changes.

Support to System Development

The great advantage to having a future process model before system development is in having the opportunity of thinking about the better way to do the things beforehand to avoid needless automation.

Indicator Evaluation

This service helps in the monitoring of results in specific areas, such as performance evaluation, or in discovering ways to measure productivity and quality resulting from process and human resources behavior. Monitoring through indicators permits the departments to assure corporate governance and to link clients’ satisfaction (internal and external). Also, BPD can be a diagnostic tool for establishing appropriate remuneration as incentives to motivate employees.


is a way to understand the market: The BPD provides the time and expertise, along with a holistic view that permit consolidate the important information gathered from inquiries about competitors, suppliers, and/or about all stakeholders of a value chain, thus leading to the discovery of new ideas that may be around.

Business Strategic Analysis

is generally demanded by the CEO or major directors who define corporation issues that affect business process – for instance, projects that cover the relationship between internal areas (client / supplier), permitting increased speed, and elimination of bureaucracy, and better communication and quality of services between them.

This analysis also concerns issues such as the evaluation of organizational costs and finding out the process that most contributed to enterprise expenses. The critical or real advantages of changes and business opportunities can be visualized dramatically. First level executives need suggestions, new ideas, and corporate information to help them to make the right decisions for the organization.

Process Culture Orientation

Offering and disseminating the process culture and practices of business process improvement for entire organization is the responsibility of BPD. This will happen through the experience acquired when BPD services are executed or though consulting, mentoring, or, in some cases, training client departments on business process methodology, depending of the experience and maturity of a particular department.

Business Process Automation

“Mawarid Technology” through its subsidiary “TACME” provides the business process automation service with a new innovative way. With “Business Process Rapid Application” (BP Rapp), makes it possible to automate an individual business process in just four weeks. The main attraction in this approach is that the process is mapped within just one day and then interactively validated with the customer. The BP Rapp, which corresponds exactly to the customer’s expectations and is integrated in the existing IT landscape, is delivered after 4 weeks of intensive collaboration. With the introduction of BP Rapp Service, Mawarid Technology intends to demonstrate how quickly a process can be automated as well as the considerable added value it achieves. BP Rapp is targeted to major corporations whose processes reach across many departmental and hierarchical boundaries and thus require intensive communication.