Customer Experience Consultancy

The only people that see the bigger picture of any organization or brand, are its customers.

Mawarid Technology provides public and private sector client consultancy services including the study of customer journey, client customer and client technology integration analysis, and recommendations for improving client experiences at each technology touchpoint. While organisations offer an increasing number of technology touch points to their clients (Mobile application, websites, self-service kiosks, service centres, Customer feedback unites, etc.), they are often unable to improve service quality and client satisfaction. Our consultancy services provide a seamless customer journey by linking both virtual and physical worlds, and builds a detailed understanding of the client’s processes throughout the customer’s journey to provide clear and actionable recommendations that deliver enhanced client experience and increased efficiency.

Deep insight into what people really need, feel and desire is what motivates us to deliver the best value to our clients.

Customer Experience is the next frontier of creation, growth, and differentiation.

Customer journey experience analysis is about understanding the client’s situation and delivering unique insight about their business to address their challenges. The study will provide solutions and suggestions for improving end customer experience, increasing revenue, reducing cost, and getting more from one’s investment in customer experience.

The study will be conducted by certified engineers and experts covering all customer touch points. Starting from home (website, mobile application, and AVR), continued by site visits and checks in the physical touch points and client business process. In detail, it will cover Customer Journeys, Customer/Staff activity—engagement points, Footfall and Transaction Data, Facilities Utilization, Customer Perception Surveys, Staff Perception Surveys, and General observations.

Everything is more connected and complex than ever as customer expectations continue to grow.

All findings and recommendations will be shared with the client with the appropriate and proven solutions that will enhanced and improve their customer experience.

Mawarid Technology expands Client Experience Management (CEM) program components to include:

  • strategy: development of overarching guidelines to address how a company incorporates CEM into its long-term mission and vision to help the business achieve its goals.
  • governance: formal policy around CEM program.
  • business process integration: embedding CEM processes and data into business operations.
  • method, reporting, research: the collection of client feedback data, analysis of client data and dissemination of results throughout company, and systematic research using client feedback data.

80% of companies believe they deliver outstanding value and a superior customer experience.
Source: Bain & Company