Digital Transformation

One of the critical factors for organization’s success these days, is defined by how they manage their transformation strategy. As the digital transformation impact can extend to organizations activities, processes and competences, it almost feels like you are trying to change a tire on a car while driving it.

At Mawarid Technology we present our customers a complete Digital Transformation Strategy which considers two mission critical aspects:

  • An effective transformation

In order to assure a successful business transformation, Mawarid Technology engage a highly skilled team of domain experts who defines a comprehensive and result driven strategy.

  • A smooth business transformation process

While managing a digital transformation process, you will always face a challenge of presenting new applications and managing existing ones concurrently.

Digital transformation Pillars

Mawarid Technology offers end to end services that cover the complete life cycle of digital transformation. Mawarid Technology adopted the SCRUM methodology to assure a successful delivery for different engagements and projects.

Consultancy Services

Digital transformation in the Age of the customer requires organizations to focus on utilizing all their capabilities in order to better serve its customers.

At Mawarid Technology we have a solid understanding for your objectives and we help you to define your tailored transformation strategy which covers the gap between the business objectives and technical requirements

  • Customer Experience
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business process improvement
  • Digital Presence and user experience
  • Corporate Performance

Automation & Implementation

Choosing the best technology, products and solutions is another mission critical factor which defines how successful the digital transformation process is.

Mawarid Technology is a 16 year’s old system integrator with extensive experience in delivering its solutions and services to more than 100 customer across MEA region.

Mawarid Technology is a technology independent IT vendor who is recognized by the most prestigious technology providers across the globe. We believe that it’s more effective to leverage from technologies which fits our customers’ requirements and preference than standing out for a specific technology or product.

Business Process Management

any organization to gain full control over its operation, business process must be well defined, engineered and improved. At Mawarid Technology we understand that in order to leverage from business process, an automation strategy shall be implemented which require synergy between different departments, applications and entities.

Enterprise Service Bus & Integration Services

In almost every digital transformation engagement, enterprise services bus represents a cornerstone as it assures a successful integration between different applications, systems and platforms.

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise applications sets as one of the major critical points in every Organization. Mawarid Technology as an Oracle Platinum partner understands the role of enterprise application in defining organization processes, performance, revenue and KPI’s.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Asset Management
  • Corporate Performance and Governance

Enterprise Content Management

Whether content is originated from a content editor, physical paper, PDF, word, social media, etc. our solutions delivers the ability to capture, analyze, validate, classify and translate the content in its proper form then populate it any digital channels.

Collaborative Platforms

One of the digital transformation process challenges is how different stakeholders will embrace the change. In order to assure a high adoption for our new line of applications and system, Mawarid Technology offers its customers with a wide range of collaborative platform which plays a key role in employee’s utilization and productiveness.

  • Intranet and Extranet
  • Project Workspaces
  • Community, Discussion boards and Forums
  • Meeting Management
  • Tendering management
  • Secure Chat Application

Omi-Channel Service Channels

One of the major differentiators of our digital transformation strategy relays on its ability to present different types of contents and services through multiple and interconnected set of channels.

At Mawarid Technology we guarantee to our customer a complete control over both digital and physical service channels

  • Web Site - Your digital presence represents a key success factor. Our team capitalize on its solid understanding to user experience trends and the best products in the market to deliver exceptional solutions for the business
  • E-Services Portals - Enable customer to leverage from your online services in a very professional and easy to use way.
  • Mobile Apps - Mobile Apps are one of the most popular channels. TACME delivers mobile app using different approaches including native, hybrid and cross development platforms
  • Self- Service Kiosk - Offer you customer a 24*7 service channels with advanced capabilities. Kiosk is considered as a unique service delivery channels as it acts as a point of origination and issuance