Enterprise Content Managment

Organizations around the globe deal with a huge amount of unstructured data. In today’s world, people are looking for information on many digital channels including web site, mobile apps, social media, etc.

Mawarid Technology offers a comprehensive and an enterprise content management strategy in order to help organization to deliver different types of content through different but interconnected set of channels.

Capitalizing on the most advanced and robust enterprise content management systems, Mawarid Technology always delivers a highly customized user experience to its customers and guarantee a complete control over different content types including web content and documents

Our Strategy

At Mawarid Technology, we have the perfect solution to manage the complete life cycle of your content.

Whether content is originated from a content editor, physical paper, PDF, word, social media, etc. our solutions delivers the ability to capture, analyze, validate, classify and translate the content in its proper form then populate it any digital channels.

Mission Critical Functions

Delivering the most mission critical functions through a simple and easy to adopt solutions which allows organizations to be able to understand how content is consumed through capturing different behaviors then present them as analytical reports