Internet of Things (IoT)

Mawarid Technology is one of the few solution providers in the region with the know-how to understand the significance of the challenges in implementing IoT solutions.

IoT implementation is about enabling different objects to collect and exchange data by getting the different components of IoT ecosystem, such as sensors, network, standards, analytics and actions, to work together

The Advantages of Mawarid Technology IoT Solutions:

  • New, innovative solutions for our customers.
  • Leveraged partner ecosystem offering the best in IoT solutions.
  • Digitally transformed manual processes with minimal human involvement.
  • Open industry standards that provide our clients with inter-operability and freedom to choose the right solution for their environment.
  • Secure solutions based upon leading Security Service industry providers.

At Mawarid Technology, we believe that IoT is an ecosystem of ever-increasing complexity; it’s the next wave of innovation that will humanize every object in our lives.

We capitalize on our experience to deliver end-to-end solutions for everything from Home, Aviation, and Wearables to Smart City, Grid, connected Health, Retail, Mining and Supply Chain.

Our solutions enhance the identification, tracking and collection of data in a way that transforms the business of everyday life.