Kiosk Solutions

Since 2008 TACME, a subsidiary of Mawarid Technology has realized the importance of kiosk solutions as one of the critical service channel for any business, we have invested heavily in the market in terms of sales and marketing, training and qualifying our staff, partnering with the world’s leader in kiosk solutions in order to assure that we offer the best solutions in the market.

When H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Announced his initiative for the m-Government or the Smart Government, it was not a surprise for us because H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid is the leader when it comes to technology and it is a consequence of the e-Government initiative that was started by H.H. in 2000, his vision knows no limits when it comes to positioning the UAE among the world’s most advanced countries.

His Highness announcement made us very proud of our achievements, currently we can proudly say that we are a leader among local as well as international companies when it comes to kiosk solutions in terms of services, products, partners and most important customers.

Our Offering

We capitalize on our experience as a system integrator for more than 15 years in order to assure the quality of our software and applications. In addition to that, TACME has been heavily investing on the hardware which is engineered and manufactured in Germany.

The Hardware

From a simple informative machine to the most complicated heavy duty ones, TACME will always have the perfect solution. TACME is well know if introducing the cutting edge technology to the local market through offering multi-functional, small footprint and secure solutions:

Identification & Authentication Payment Issuance Special modules
  • Emirates ID reader with finger print support
  • Smart Cards
  • User name & password
  • Barcode reader
  • Payment
  • ATM & Credit Cards
  • eDirham
  • NOL
  • Cash
  • Instant Card Printing Up to 5 different types of Cards
  • Unlimited types of certificates (A4)
  • Document Scanner
  • Passport Scanner
  • Finger print reader

We introduce our ISO certified, German manufactures and engineered business lines

The Software

TACME offers its own kiosk management system which was built to fit into the local market needs.

TACKiosk represent the heart and soul of our solution as it serve our customer to fully manage the kiosk solution form each and every perspective.

Content Management Capabilities

  • Comprehensive content management system
  • Readymade & Customizable Kiosk Interfaces
  • Managing all types of contents (Text, Audio, Video, Etc.)
  • Advanced digital signage features
  • Usage Analytics
  • User Experience management
  • Prepared to support the handicapped

Monitoring Features

  • Live monitoring
  • Early warning mechanism which identified the consumables consumption for each kiosk and send automatic notifications to the concerned team
  • Usage reports
  • Patch installment
  • Remotely executes the most needed action (Power off, restart kiosk)
  • Mobile enabled