Payment Services

Mawarid Technology is providing a wide range of world-class services, solutions, and products that supports the payment industry. Mawarid Technology has extensive experience in transaction processing and knowledgeable resources, to offer a full range of services that support your business growth. With our payment services, our customer can have the full control to drive his business and to meet the ever changing needs of the payment landscape. Our solutions are meeting the payment industry standards.

Card Processing and Management

Our card management and processing service provide our customer with the outstanding management for the issuing and acquiring businesses. Our service supports all types of cards including but not limited to: Debit, Credit, Prepaid, and closed-loop cards. We at Mawarid Technology handle your card management with the different schemes including but not limited to MasterCard, Visa, and American Express …etc.

Card Issuance and Personalization

Mawarid Technology provides the card personalization as a service to our customer. We know the hassle and the security standards required to perform the card personalization, for this reason we are providing this service for our customers to support the customer’s business like: EMV Chip personalization and magnetic stripe encoding. Also, we are providing the PIN production service including Secure PIN generation and PIN mailing. In addition, Mawarid Technology is providing the Instant card issuance solutions.

Loyalty Programs Services

Mawarid Technology provides the customer with all the necessary to have his own tailored card-based loyalty program. Delivering open-loop, closed-loop, or semi-closed loyalty programs that suites your business and needs. With a reports and analytics gathered from the end customer usage of the loyalty program, the customer can exactly know valuable information about the consumer behavior which allows the decision-making team improve the business.

Authorization & Settlement Services

Mawarid technology provides the authorization and settlement services to support our customer with the authorization for ON-US and OFF-US card’s authorization. Also, we drive your various acquiring channels like: ATM, POS, and e-commerce.

Transaction Processing Services

Mawarid Technology provides the transaction processing services to support the customer for driving the business in both issuer processing (Authorization) and acquirer processing (Card Acceptance and switching)

Payment Services

Mawarid Technology provides the customer with all the payment functionalities to avail for the end-customer like bill payment, top-up, and money transfer …etc through multi- payment channel.

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