Portals and Collaboration

One of organizations daily challenges is how to assure effective collaboration in a multi cultured environment. Portals and collaboration play a significant role in essentially every other organization today for better access to information, business process improvement, and communication. Portals and collaboration solutions have a substantial impact on refining the experience of users both internally and externally. At TACME, we are passionate about developing highly-functional, collaborative websites, intranets, and extranet portals on SharePoint that are easy to use and enhance collaboration.

Our Strategy

With more than 16 years of experience and solid understanding to the local and international markets, TACME offers a well-studied strategy in order to assure effective collaboration between employee, departments, management and externa entities as well

Mission Critical Functions

Delivering the most mission critical functions through a simple and easy to adopt solutions which allows organizations to be able to govern it business efficiently and through a seamlessly integrated platforms.

Advanced Collaborative Platforms

TACME offers a fast track plan for our customer to leverage from our advanced platforms.

Meeting Management

A comprehensive meeting management assuring the effectiveness and utilization of your workforce.

  • Planning phase: Within this phase, the system will be handling all the preparation and planning that precedes the meeting itself. It consists of a coordination committee where its members will be responsible of scheduling the date and time of the meeting using a shared calendar and reserving the appropriate meeting room; as well as planning all the meeting prerequisite and required material for the meeting, setting the meeting attendees and the agenda to be followed. After the preparation is set, a notification will be sent for responsible users for approval.
  • Collaboration phase: once the meeting is approved, a meeting workspace will be created accordingly where all related content will be available in one place; nevertheless, each user will be able to view the content which is appropriate to the permission he is granted; for example, a normal attendee will be allowed to view the general content of the meeting such as the agenda the attendance list, etc.; however a user from the coordination committee will be able to check all the material checked. In addition, the system will allow users to assign tasks for employees where they can always check their pending task through the task management list, and a discussion board will be available for more collaboration and sharing ideas. Finally, a support request will be available in case users faces any issue with any facility.
  • Support Phase: This consists of the support team who will be in charge of making sure that all the facilities are available and working well such as the projector, laptops, Whiteboards and catering if needed. They might receive requests from attendees in case of any problem/issue occurring during or before the meeting starts.

Tendering management

Managing tenders life cycle form preparation to awarding stages through multiple channels and electronic devices. The system offers different stakeholders an easy way to manage daily activities:

  • Tender preparation
  • Tender publishing
  • Evaluation & selection
  • Tendering committee collaboration
  • Awarding
  • Supplier Information and rating

Secure Chat Application

One of the most effective approaches when it comes to daily communication between employees. Our solution empower your organization with a secure chat application which offers almost all chat and sharing functions:

  • Text messages
  • Voice message
  • Photo sharing
  • Message status (Sent, delivered, Seen)
  • Encryption
  • Chat monitoring capabilities
  • Information Rights Management

Document Workspace

TACME offers document workspaces for users to effectively collaborate and manage document related to projects, workflows, tenders, etc. Our vision is to make sure that users can manage different activities in a friendly manner.

The workspace provide secure access to internal and external users through portals and mobile apps with a social like experience:

  • Follow a user in order to receive all related user’s documents updated
  • Follow a document in order to receive document related updates
  • Notifications
  • Comments

        In the meantime, the workspace offers enterprise functions including:

  • Search
  • Information Rights Management
  • Archiving
  • Scanning & digitization
  • Track changes
  • Audit trail