Smart City Solutions

Cities now a day need to handle global environment and urbanization problems, handle the ongoing shifts in the lifestyle values of citizens and residents, and ensure the flexible, dynamic approach needed to ensure the sustainable existence of the city. In other words, they need to become smarter

Mawarid Technology is one of the first companies in the region to work on such initiatives with different government organizations to make their cities smarter where Mawarid Technology can play the role of their strategic partner in such initiatives in terms of high quality and high experienced consulting services in cooperation with leading researchers from European/North American Universities and Research Centers.

With the help of wide network of technology partners, Mawarid Technology is capable of playing the role of a turnkey solution provider by providing end-to-end solution that starts from laying down the applications/platforms/networks infrastructure to completely manage and operate the smart city components.

To learn more about Mawarid Technology Smart City offerings, please do not hesitate to contact us.