Identity Solutions


TACME as a subsidiary of Mawarid Technology is the regional leader in secure identification technologies. Our unique expertise in integrating and supporting secure ID solutions for government, businesses, and corporations has allowed us to partner with the industries best in-class vendors. Combining the in-depth industry knowledge and system integration background, Mawarid Technology will meet your needs in terms of providing end-to-end solution.


TAC-ID is a comprehensive solution for ID Cards Issuance that allow any organization to offer high quality secure cards on the spot as a standalone service, or in conjunction with centrally based issuance.

TACID is large and complex system that can be used from small scale to nationwide projects in fully distributed and centralized with support for centralized and decentralizedenrolment, production, quality assurance & issuing.


TAC-ID data enrollment module can be used in a variety of identity card issuance solutions including Passport, National ID, Driver’s License, Voter Registration, and Identity Badges.

  • The solution is extremely flexible to accommodate your custom identity enrollment needs, through configuration as well as customization.
  • The solutions is based on an open platform which works with a variety of data capture devices to gather/collect portrait fingerprint, signature etc.…
  • Easy-to-use User Interface.
  • Instant and automatic data validation.
  • Rapid deployment.
  • Mobile Enabled Solutions
  • Biometric capture.
  • User account management.


One of the most powerful features in TAC-ID is its spooler.

  • Concurrent printing
  • High performance & availability
  • Batch printing capabilities
  • Instant printing
  • Load Balancing / Auto Failover

Dashboard & Reports

We have empowered TAC-ID with an advanced and generic Dashboard that gives our customers a real time update for the printing progress.. A complete reporting utility with several export features to several document formats is available.


Centralized Issuance

With TACIDcentralized issuing capabilities we successfully delivered very efficient and scalable solution for important governmental clients, where the efficiency and the time were the most critical factors for the project success. We managed to produce a very high volume of cards during the day without affecting the quality .TACID-auditing tool has been used to manage and audit millions of records daily.


A successful Instant Issuance program helps you to meet customer needs and increase revenue. As a flexible and modular platform, it can play a critical role when moving to cards and mobile technology. TACME as a subsidiary of Mawarid Technology has the experience and expertise to provide the right Instant Issuance System for your organization.


TACME as a subsidiary of Mawarid Technology has taken a leading position as the KIOSK solutions provider in the Middle East, so we utilized our leading position to provide card Issuing solution on the KIOSKs machines, And came up with efficient, secure and scalable solutions for important clients such as Road and Transportation Authority in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Police where we provided driving license renewal, vehicle ownership cards.



Smart Cards are increasingly used for Data storage media due to the enhanced security, reliability and improved user experience that smart card provides. Our versatility allows us to handle popular module sizes and configurations for both memory and microcontrollers.


Contactless cards are one of the fastest growing segments of the card market. We can help you design a customized product that meets your marketing and product needs.


We offer a wide range of card security features such as Guilloche Security Design, Split Fountain Printing, Micro-printing, Redundant Data , Barcode , 3D OVD holographic laminations.