• Our team of technical experts and engineering leaders share a common purpose to make our clients’ needs their priority, and ensure a highly secure environment at all times.

  • Our detailed understanding of business and technology infrastructure helps us retain our clients for a long time

  • We provide a complementary suite of platforms - solutions in IT, security systems and payment services that positions us to meet all the technology needs of governments and businesses


About us

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Mawarid Technology is a leading home-grown technology supplier, providing seamless integrated capabilities across information technology, security and payment solutions. Trusted with some of the region’s most strategic and high profile infrastructure and military projects, Mawarid Technology operates in a high growth market where governments and businesses continue to grow and innovate.

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Case Studies

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Mawarid Technology has a long-standing partnership with some of the region’s most strategic and high-profile infrastructure, healthcare, transport, military and healthcare. We operate in high growth markets where governments and businesses continue to expand. Take a look at who we have worked with so far.

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Our Partners

Over time, we have built partnerships with recognized, reputable technology companies. Our market footprint and client relationships allow us to benefit from attractive rates from our partnerships, and ensure that our solutions correspond to our clients’ technology preferences.
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