Dubai 14 October, 2016 Technology

Dubai, UAE; 14 October 2016: Mawarid Technology is one of the UAE’s first home-grown technology platforms, focused on providing MENA-based public and private sector companies with a full suite of technology services. The business covers three core divisions: IT solutions and services, security and technology systems integration, payment systems solutions and services.

Mawarid Technology is an innovative technology group that brings together three well-established enterprises: TACME, Falcon Eye Technology and QuickNet. With a detailed understanding of business and technology infrastructure and a long-standing client base amongst governments, multinational companies and financial institutions, commercial and hospitality, Mawarid Technology aims to lead the way in the Middle East and Africa markets in digital and smart government services, as well as high-value, customised systems with integrated information technology, security, infrastructure and payment capabilities.

Mohamed Al Nuaimi, Chairman of Mawarid Technology, said:
We are extremely proud to introduce Mawarid Technology as one of the UAE’s largest home-grown technology companies. Its range of capabilities, offering and relationship networks together create value for clients and partners at a level that is difficult for other technology solutions provider in the Middle East to match. Our vision is to spearhead the further evolution of the region’s ICT sector, focus on fast-growth sectors such as cybersecurity, e-government and digital services, payments, and contribute towards strengthening the UAE’s position as a global technology hub.

The platform caters to a diverse client base across a range of strategic sectors such as financial, oil and gas and government. Current and previous clients of the group include the RTA, UAE Armed Forces, Dubai Municipality, ADNOC, Abu Dhabi Police, Meraas, Ministry of Interior of Iraq, Madinah Municipality to name a few. Its team of engineers have pioneered a set of high-value tools to tackle unique business challenges as well as high-profile infrastructure and military projects.

Mr Al Nuaimi added:
There is a real need for a centralized software and hardware platform for governmental, enterprises and large businesses in MENA, and Mawarid Technology fills that need through its core divisions and prestigious global and regional technology partnerships. This will have a positive effect on the health of the business ecosystem in the MENA region, spurring innovation and growth. In particular, Mawarid Technology will continue to support the Emirates eGovernment initiative and is well positioned to support the UAE’s dynamic efforts in meeting the goals of the National Innovation Strategy and the region’s growing needs in the sector.

In addition to software solutions, Mawarid Technology supplies a complete array of hardware and component technologies and services by leveraging the strong partnership with leading global and regional technology companies such as Oracle, Microsoft, Qmatic AB and Zebra.